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      Quality Chinese suspended pvc panel

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      Description: pvc panel
      Specification: 595x595x7.0MM
      Packing: 20 pieces per carton
      Price: discuss personally
      Total Supply:
      Area: China Shandong
      Validity: 2021-03-03
      Information of the company

      Quality pvc panel  is the one good choice as the suspended ceiling tile and dry wall partition.


      More specification including normal one and big one such as 595 / 600 /603/ x 595/600/603/1195/1210 x 7.0/8.0MM for different markets demands.

      Various pvc designs including the imported and our demostic designs are for choice.

      The pvc gypsum ceiling tile is of thermal insulation, fire and water proof, moisture resistant, elegant, economic, easy instal, easy clean, light weight, environmental, fashion .

      So it is for our inter and external decoration , our living room, malls, school, meeting room, warehouse and projects.


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