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  • 4stroke Back-pack Leaf blower Forest Wind Extinguisher

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    Brand: petros
    Displacement(cc): 75.6
    Standard power(kw/r/min): 3.2/7000
    Tank capacity(L): 2.5
    Price: discuss personally
    Total Supply:
    Area: China Shandong
    Validity: forever
    Information of the company

    Smooth sculpt, compact compositon, elegant appearance

    All-plastic structure, small size, light weight, E-starting, applicable to household use

    Small vibration, low noise, comfortable operation.

    Engine passed Euro II emission certificate, energy saving and environment friendly

    Widely used for the cleaning of the rubbish and fallen leaves incourtyard, lawn, roads and stadium.

    Model: DM4T950

    Matched engine: 153F

    Displacement(cc): 75.6

    Standard power(kw/r/min): 3.2/7000

    Form of carburetor: diaphragm

    Mixed fuel ratio: separate

    Tank capacity(L): 2.5

    Average air volume(m3/s): 0.5


    Packing measurement: 570400x540

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