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  • two-stroke backpack engine Snow blower wind Extinguisher

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    Brand: petros
    Discharging Capacity(cc): 75.6
    Max Power(KW): 2.8
    Air Volume(m3/h): 1548
    Price: discuss personally
    Total Supply:
    Area: China Shandong
    Validity: forever
    Information of the company

    Widely used for the cleaning of the rubbish and fallen leaves incourtyard, lawn, roads and stadium.

    Model EB950
    Type Back-pack
    Engine Type Air-cooled 2-cycle gasoline engine
    Discharging Capacity(cc) 75.6
    Max Power(KW) 2.8
    Air Volume(m3/h) 1548
    Net Weight(kg)(with blower pipe) 11.1
    Package Dimension (mm) 357x511x540
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