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      • Total Product:10776
      • Total TradeLeads::1478
      • Sell TradeLeads:681
      • Buy TradeLeads:797
      • Corporate Member:3760
      • Individual Member:44
      • Online Member:55

      Exhibition Overview

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      Established in 1981, gathering global ICT, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019 - Asia’s largestworld’s 2nd largest B2B professional I

      Exhibition information

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      China (Linyi) International Trade and Logistics Fair (the Fair) is a unique national brand exposition featuring “market trading, trade and logistics”. Four sessions of the Fair have been held since the first one in 2010. The last four sessions saw a total of more than 20,000 booths, nearly a million participants and transactions of over 20 billion yuan. Among other things, during the fourth session alone, 44,000 professional buyers from around the world and 410,000 visitors (person/time) attended the fair. The buyers purchased 6.25 billion yuan of commodities in both Linyi Trading City and the Fair. The success of the Fair has played a positive role in opening to the outside world and economic social development of Linyi City.

      The fifth session of the Fair is divided into eight sections: import Commodities Exhibition Area, Wood Products Exhibition Area, Machinery & Equipment Exhibition Area, Kitchenware & Plumbing Exhibition Area, E-Commerce & Logistics Exhibition Area, Hardware & Labor Protection Exhibition Area, Lighting Exhibition Area, and Tea Arts & Crafts Exhibition Area. The venues of the Fair shall cover 160,000 sqm, and comprise 5,000 international standard boots. During the Fair, a number of events including the opening ceremony, 2014 China (Linyi) International Sourcing Fair, 2014 E-Commerce and Logistics Development Forum, Investment Promotion Conference shall be held. A series of events such as purchasing meetings, new product launch meetings, etc. shall be convened.

      Special reports:http://english.lytoday.com/jrly/tbzt/shangbohui/node_810.htm

      China (Linyi) Internatio<em></em>nal Trade and Logistics Fair

      Logo of China (Linyi) International Trade and Logistics Fair




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      Constructed in accordance with international standards, Luxin International Conference and Exhibition Center is a large-scale exhibition building with a total investment of nearly RMB 1,000 million yuan, and construction area of 240,000 square meters. The exhibition area occupies 150,000 square meters, and can hold 6,000 international standard booths. There are international and national conference halls, multifunctional halls, banquet halls of 40,000 square meters and other supporting facilities over 3,000 square meters. With its unique and innovative architectural style and those international as well as modernized multi-functional facilities, Luxin International Conference and Exhibition Center has become the new landmark of Linyi.


      Luxin International Conference and Exhibition Center


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