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      2020 Guangzhou International Exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine industry

      date:2020-09-04views:18 status:status
      Time 2020-10-13 - 2020-10-15
      Address Guangzhou Pazhou international purchasing center
      Hallname Guangzhou Pazhou international purchasing center
      Sponsor FCE exhibition group, Guangzhou Zhongdian International Exhibition Co., Ltd., global exhibition netw
      Chinese medicine is the treasure of the Chinese nation, the crystallization of more than 5000 years of civilization, and an important carrier of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on the basic principle of "treatment and prevention first, health care and health preservation as supplement". It emphasizes "healthy qi is stored inside and evil does not do harm to the right". It uses traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the function of human organs and achieve the balance of Yin and Yang of human body. It has been protecting the life and health of Chinese children for thousands of years, and has made great contributions to the reproduction of the Chinese nation and to the world The progress of civilization has had a positive impact. The unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of diseases and the improvement of human immune function have played a very important role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases in human society. The outstanding performance of traditional Chinese medicine in the clinical anti epidemic and disease treatment, especially the brilliant achievement of fighting the new crown epidemic which ravaged the world in 2020 with a total effective rate of more than 90%, has been more and more recognized by overseas people. People from many countries have said that Chinese medicine has a remarkable effect in fighting the epidemic situation and has a bright future. "Chinese medicine going out to sea, global anti epidemic" ushered in a good historical opportunity for Chinese medicine to go to the world. In the future, the overseas market of traditional Chinese medicine is expected to expand dramatically.

      Traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of Chinese medicine and health. Chinese medicine industry is one of the most important national industries in China. It is of great significance in the overall economic and social development. The development of traditional Chinese medicine is a national strategy. In recent years, the state has issued a series of policies to vigorously develop the traditional Chinese medicine industry, which provides great support for promoting the construction of healthy China and improving people's health level. Driven by the wave of 5G commercialization, the high-tech AI, robotics, big data, gene technology, VR and cloud medical technology will be applied in many fields, such as medical diagnosis, treatment, disease prevention and so on. The intelligent medical treatment of Internet plus remote inquiry and electronic prescription will explode, which will definitely release enormous space for medical service optimization. The development of TCM industry will be more diversified. In terms of inheritance and development, traditional Chinese medicine actively uses modern science and technology, increases the in-depth excavation and creation of classic and old TCM prescriptions, breaks through the shackles of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens the Monograph Research on the cultivation, cultivation and processing of traditional Chinese medicine, gives full play to the role of Chinese Medicine in deepening the reform of medical and health system, and creates a characteristic inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine And keep the innovation road, can better create the health of all mankind, promote the strategic implementation of "community of human destiny".

      With the arrival of the aging population and the general improvement of health awareness, the big health industry is recognized as one of the largest industries in the world. Traditional Chinese medicine can give full play to the role of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health care. The transformation from the traditional single treatment mode to the integrated mode of "prevention, treatment and maintenance" can not only make the National Health reach the most ideal level, but also enable Chinese medicine to create a large health market of the whole industry chain in terms of treatment, prevention and maintenance. It is predicted that the output value of China's health industry will reach 8 trillion yuan in 2020 and 20 trillion yuan in 2030, which will become the pillar industry of the national economy. Among them, the great health industry of traditional Chinese medicine will become the most potential industry in the 21st century. Under the influence of many favorable policies, the concept of big health and other factors, the market of Chinese medicine big health will be further expanded, which is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan in 2020 and 7.5 trillion yuan in 2025. In the trend of social medical security welfare promotion, disease prevention and early intervention, medical and health expenditure is gradually changing from disease treatment to health care, and the people's demand for traditional Chinese medicine service is more and more vigorous. The traditional Chinese medicine industry with unique natural advantages of "preventive treatment of disease" will usher in unprecedented development opportunities.

      China MHE China Medical Expo 2020 will be held in Pazhou international purchasing center from October 13 to 15, 2020. At the same time, a number of industry forums were held to discuss the development trend and the most cutting-edge business model of the Chinese medicine industry, share the innovation technology and best practice cases of traditional Chinese medicine technology, deeply analyze the current intelligent medical and technical topics that people are most concerned about, explore the deep-seated needs of human life and health, and provide the most valuable information sharing and forward-looking forecast for the industry. The exhibition will show the most advanced technology and products of traditional Chinese medicine in an all-round way, and is committed to building an efficient, high-quality and accurate all-round one-stop professional business platform for exhibitors and high-quality buyers around the world. It will provide more cooperation opportunities for the Chinese medicine industry, effectively promote the technology and products of traditional Chinese medicine to enter the global medical procurement system, and cooperate with the medical industry of other countries in the world, achieve mutual benefit and common development and progress.

      The highlights of the exhibition

      Professional international trade fair of TCM industry;

      It covers the whole subdivided categories of traditional Chinese medicine and the whole industry chain of upstream and downstream supply of the industry;

      The exhibition group and buyers gather here, and the international platform leads the trend;

      Professional publicity and promotion plan, cooperate with media, organize all channel VIP buyers;

      New theme exhibition area and many professional forum activities to explore the industry development trend.

      Why participate in the exhibition

      Go face to face with purchasing decision makers! Gather global TCM distribution / terminal buyers, product technology R & D personnel, international buyers and brand potential customers!

      The best platform to release new products and promote new technologies, and a great opportunity to promote brand building and improve industry awareness!

      With the geographical advantages of Guangzhou, we will explore the market of traditional Chinese medicine

      Way to contact
      Contact:Ms. Lin
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