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      2021 Hangzhou Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition

      date:2020-09-04views:87 status:status
      Time 2021-03-30 - 2021-04-01
      Address Hangzhou International Expo Center
      Hallname Hangzhou International Expo Center
      Sponsor Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation
      Exhibition Overview

      Zhejiang Hangzhou equipment manufacturing industry expo, formerly known as China Hangzhou International Industrial Expo, was founded in 2002. It has been successfully held for 19 times. It has accumulated more than 135 countries and regions, more than 5800 enterprises have participated in the exhibition, and more than 930000 person times have visited, covering modern industrial high-tech and equipment such as CNC machine tools, mold industry, industrial automation robots, etc. Relying on the strong resources of manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta to serve the whole country, it focuses on the concept of industrial innovative products, innovative design, innovative technology and innovative service. All previous Expos have been strongly supported by leaders of Hangzhou City, China Federation of machinery industry, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Hangzhou Economic Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, Zhejiang Association for science and technology, IBM China Research Institute, Hong Kong University of science and technology and industry associations. based on the success of previous expositions, 2021 Expo will further implement the transformation and exchange achievements, and In fact, it provides technical support for the implementation of the strategy of building a manufacturing base, so as to build an international exchange platform between China and all walks of life in the fields of industrial policy theory, scientific and technological innovation, and industrial application, so as to obtain more support and response from all walks of life. 2021 the 20th Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Equipment Manufacturing Expo is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation and organizations at all levels. It is a large-scale exposition about equipment manufacturing industry. We sincerely invite you to participate!

      Exhibition scope:

      1. Plant automation and instrumentation: mechanical and factory engineering, acquisition and placement, sensors, servo motors, motors and frequency converters, motion control, robotics and automation solutions, linear technology vision, compressed air and pneumatic systems, pumps and accessories, vibration measurement systems, signal devices, production logistics and materials, mobile robots and autonomous systems, drives, machines Mechanical drive system, industrial automation data acquisition and identification system. Instrument and intelligent instrument device:

      2. Robot and intelligent factory: industrial robot: welding robot, spraying robot, palletizing robot, handling robot, assembly robot, Cartesian coordinate robot, AGV, rail car; service robot: catering service robot, homework robot, entertainment robot, disabled auxiliary robot, residential safety and monitoring robot, etc

      3. Machine tool and metal processing: Machining Center, CNC lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, punch, saw and metal cutting machine tool, modular machine tool, drilling and tapping machine tool, industrial robot; tool processing grinder, honing, grinding, polishing and superfinishing machine tool; sheet metal cutting machine and machining center; sheet metal profile processing center, tube spinning machine, bending machine, plate shearing machine Electrical discharge molding equipment, WEDM equipment, electrochemical processing equipment; welding machine, plasma, water cutting; surface treatment and coating equipment; digital display device and machine tool electrical appliances, machine parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasive Abrasives, cutting tools, inspection and measurement equipment, ball screw, linear guide rail, CNC system, etc.

      4. Laser equipment and cutting: laser cutting machine, sheet metal equipment, welding machine, engraving machine, marking machine, welding, cutting, etc

      5. Mold and forming equipment: stamping die, plastic mold, die casting die, forging die, ceramic mold, wire drawing die, cemented carbide mold; mold base, hot runner, 3D printer, grinder, rapid prototyping, tool fixture, measuring instrument, projector, cutting fluid.

      6. Hardware tools, hardware processing machinery, hardware products, bearing and motor products and various types of fasteners, accessories and equipment, air compressor, hydraulic press, logistics storage equipment, forklift truck, cleaning equipment, mechanical and electrical products, etc.; various mechanical supporting products and equipment.

      Exhibition fee:

      1. Standard booth 9 M2 (3m × 3M equipped with table, chair, spotlight, socket and lintel)

      Domestic enterprises 8800 yuan / piece; foreign enterprises 3000 US dollars / piece

      2. Special booth: rent from 36 M2 (self built by exhibitors), 800 yuan / m2 for domestic enterprises and $300 / m2 for foreign enterprises

      3. Advertising items: 26000 yuan for front cover, 16000 yuan for back cover, 8000 yuan for back cover, 6000 yuan for back cover, 5000 yuan for single page

      Road flag: 2000 yuan; billboard: 800 yuan / m2; tickets: 100000 yuan; 60000 yuan; handbag: 20000 yuan; 60000 yuan

      30000 visiting cards, 30000 pieces of sling, 60000 yuan, 20000 LCD screens and 300000 exhibition titles

      Way to contact
      Contact:Cui Wei
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