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      2021 Jinan international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition

      date:2020-09-09views:81 status:status
      Time 2021-03-05 - 2021-03-08
      Address Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
      Hallname Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
      Sponsor Organizing Committee of 2021 Jinan international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibitio
      Exhibition introduction

      2021 Jinan international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (ptce2021) is a professional exhibition about transmission and control technology in "China (Shandong) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (Shandong Equipment Expo ieme2021)". Since the exhibition, adhering to the professional, authoritative, international exhibition concept, over the years of continuous innovation and development, established its position as a professional authoritative exhibition for Shandong and its surrounding provinces and cities, enjoyed a high reputation and attention in the industry, and provided an ideal service platform for the peers of Shandong and surrounding provinces to get acquainted and get together.

      One of the large-scale power transmission exhibitions: this exhibition will have 6 indoor exhibition halls and outdoor exhibition areas, with more than 2000 booths. The exhibition will bring together more than 600 enterprises from South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany and 26 provinces and cities in China to participate in the exhibition, with an estimated audience of more than 30000. We sincerely invite you to join us and open up new business opportunities!

      One of the exhibitions with the largest number of well-known enterprises: FESTO, SMC, Yadeke, Yuci Youyan, Beijing Huade, Bosch Rexroth, Yongzhen hydraulic, Yuci Hydraulic, Chaotian kangbaishi hydraulic, Shanda Tuopu, huakaiwei, Shanghai maitwark, Luosheng, Dongfang motor, zhongdalide, BDI, Zhongchuan heavy industry, jiaerling, Aote, etc.

      Exhibition scope

      Fluid power: hydraulic pump, motor, driving device, hydraulic cylinder, supercharger and transducer, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic accumulator, pressure relay, hydraulic system and complete set of equipment, hydraulic hardware, hose and pipe joint, hydraulic test bench, water and water-based hydraulic transmission, special hydraulic equipment, sealing device and auxiliary equipment Hydraulic filter and oil lubrication system, heat exchanger, power unit, etc;

      Pneumatic technology: cylinder, supercharger and pneumatic hydraulic actuator, pneumatic motor, pneumatic working element, pneumatic valve, pneumatic component, pneumatic and jet control system, compressed air treatment, hose and joint, pneumatic device and others, sealing device and auxiliary equipment, pneumatic actuator, etc;

      Sealing technology: various sealing products and materials, sealing test bench and measuring instrument, sealing special production equipment, etc;

      Power transmission, parts and manufacturing equipment: gear transmission, high-speed and heavy-duty gearbox, gear reducer, pinwheel reducer, harmonic drive reducer, worm reducer, motor reducer assembly, electric roller, gear machine, roller chain, tooth chain, disc chain, special-shaped conveyor chain, sprocket, synchronous belt, V-belt, flat belt, multi-wedge belt, variable speed belt, belt pulley , belt tension, coupling (rigid, flexible, safe), universal joint, universal shaft, cam intermittent device, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic torque converter, clutch (electromagnetic, friction, magnetic powder), brake and braking system, expansion knot, fastening sleeve, expansion sleeve, guide sleeve, fastener and spring, etc;

      Bearings: all kinds of bearings and their parts, processing equipment, testing instruments, lubricating and antirust materials, grinding wheels, abrasives, etc;

      Linear motion system, guide rail, driving element / system, actuator, compound motion system, etc;

      Electrical drive: industrial motor, servo motor, frequency conversion, converter device and components, governor, electric motor, electromagnetic equipment, etc;

      Internal combustion engine and small gas turbine: various engines and parts, rotary motor, drive power station, heat exchanger, etc;

      Charging standard:

      (1) Booth fee standard:

      Image exhibition area (rent from 54 m2) special display area (from 36 m2) standard booth (3m × 3M)

      900 yuan / m2 800 yuan / m2 7500 yuan / piece

      Remarks: 1. Basic configuration of standard booth: 3M × 3M booth (including three sides of hoarding, one lintel board, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, and 220 V power socket); image and special decoration exhibition area: 2. Without any supporting facilities, it is designed and decorated by the exhibitors themselves or entrusted.

      Way to contact
      Contact:Chen Jin
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