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  • The 39th China international sporting goods Expo 2021

    date:2021-05-14views:323 status:status
    Time 2021-05-19 - 2021-05-22
    City Shanghai
    Address 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of exhibition hall)
    Hallname National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
    Sponsor China Federation of sporting goods industry
    Undertaker China Sports Federation (Beijing) Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd
    Exhibition introduction

    China SportShow is the only national, international and professional sporting goods exhibition in China, sponsored by China Federation of sporting goods industry and China Sports Federation (Beijing) Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd. It is the largest and most authoritative sporting goods event in the Asia Pacific region, It is a shortcut for global sports brands to enter the Chinese market and an important window for Chinese sports brands to show their strength to the world. On the platform of the sports Expo, it is a comprehensive sports industry integrating sporting goods, sports marketing resources, sports culture and science and technology. It is a booster for brand promotion and channel expansion of sporting goods enterprises, and an important channel for spreading new sports culture concepts.

    Founded in 1993, the sports Expo is sponsored by the State General Administration of sports. Through years of cultivation and careful building, it has become the largest comprehensive exhibition brand of sports industry in the Asia Pacific region. With the guidance of reform and opening up, the sports Expo has developed from a young to mature, from a single sporting goods to a comprehensive sports industry.

    Since 2017, under the general requirements of the reform of the association, the China Sports Federation and China Sports Federation (Beijing) Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd. have hosted the Expo, and the State General Administration of sports has provided business guidance.

    participation fee

    Bare land 1750 yuan / m2 (from 54 m2)

    Standard booth 17500 yuan / piece

    The channel fee is 2500 yuan / house, and the temporary channel on two or more sides of the standard booth will be charged at one time

    Standard booth upgrade package 1500 yuan / piece (no preferential policy)

    favoured policy:

    Member discount:

    If you become a member of China Federation of sporting goods industry and pay dues for more than two years in a row, you can enjoy 15% (8.50% discount) discount of booth fee, which can be superimposed with discount of continuous exhibition.

    Discount for continuous participation of sports Expo:

    The same contracting company (subject to taxpayer identification number)

    It has participated in the exhibition for two consecutive years, with 20% discount for the third year; 35% discount (6.50% discount)

    It has participated in the exhibition for three consecutive years, and the booth fee for the fourth year is 30% (70% off); 45% discount (5.50% discount)

    Special subsidies:

    The exhibition fee of 2021 sports Expo will be reduced by 10% after the discount.

    Booth Description:

    Bare land: 54 square meters

    Standard booth: 9 square meters (3m long x 3m wide)

    (configuration: one consultation table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one trash basket, one 500W power socket, full of exhibition carpet, with Chinese and English company name and booth number on the lintel.)

    Two sides and more than three sides of the temporary channel: a one-time charge of 2500 yuan

    Standard exhibition changing to special decoration: according to the standard booth price, exhibitors must declare the standard booth changing to special decoration in advance.

    Scope of exhibits

    Hall 1.1, 2.1 and 3: Fitness exhibition area

    Household and commercial fitness equipment, small training and fitness equipment, fitness equipment accessories, rehabilitation and fitness monitoring, massage and household health care products;

    Hall 4.1: sports consumption and service exhibition area

    Ball games, sports shoes and clothing, skateboard, roller skating, martial arts, outdoor sports, leisure sports, sports organizations, sports industrial park, sports events, sports training;

    Hall 5.1, 6.1: Gymnasium exhibition area

    Sports ground materials, artificial grass, sports wood floor, stadium building facilities, sports equipment

    Way to contact
    Contact:organizing committee
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