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      Taizhou houplus electric appliance equipment


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      Taizhou houplus electric appliance equipment
      co., LTD. specializes in the production of food machinery, such as meat
      processing equipment, sugarcane juicer, meat grinder,vegetable processing
      equipment, pasta processing equipment. The company is located in Daxi Town,
      the "Township of Chinese Pumps". It has unique advantages in industrialization
      and an industrial chain integrating development, manufacturing, sales and
      service. Our products are sold to global markets including Europe and the United
      States. Professional, dedicated, perfect! Adhering to the perfect "industry
      craftsman" spirit, every design of our company has been carefully deliberated,
      and every technology has been carved many times. Old quality control system from
      raw materials to finished products every link has strict checks with high
      quality products. In the new era of development, we are full of confidence,
      dreams and passion. based on the strong industry foundation, aiming at serving
      the global product... [Detailed introduction]
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