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      Valve , Butterfly Valve , Gate Valve , Ball Valve , Check Valve , Globe Valve...

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      As a professional supply chain manager of flow control products, IFlow offer gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball,

      JIS and DIN marine valves, strainers, actuators, flanges, pipes and fittings, with pressure range from 0.5-6.4MPa,

      Size from DN15-DN3000, as well as valve design, inspection, consultation services etc.

      With profound understanding of the importance of customer requirement and 15 years experience, we offer highly

      Cost-effective products, enjoying a good reputation. And we have various kinds of certificates, such as ISO9001, API,

      ABS, PED, UL, FM, WRAS, DVGW, DNV, LR, BV etc, selling to more than 30 countries.

      Being a reliable partner, we are looking forward to cooperating with you
      Name: QINGDAO I-FLOW CO., LTD. Type: Business units ()
      Area: China/Shandong Scale:
      Capital: not filled Born: 2020
      Business: Valve , Butterfly Valve , Gate Valve , Ball Valve , Check Valve , Globe Valve , Balancing Valve
      Home, Lights & Construction Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools
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