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      shandong hangqiao international trade co.,ltd

      gasoline engine, brush cutter, mist duster, chainaw, lawn...

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      Shandong HANGQIAO Int’l Trade co., ltd. located in Linyi cityof China which is the base of gasoline engine, named as “China Logistics Capital”. The transportation is very convenient for visiting, inspection and shipments.

      Our company focuses on general-purpose gasoline engine, plant protection machine, garden and agricultural machine. Such as sprayer, mist duster, brush cutter, water pump, blower, hedge trimmer and so on.

      High Quality and best services is our company’s business philosophy and pursuit. We always do our best to providing the best price and good quality goods to make every customer satisfied. Now our products exports to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe and so on.

      If there are any products you are interest in, please feel free to contact us, any your requirement will get urgently response, and we are sure it’s a new chance for all of us.

      HANGQIAO is a partner you can count on, welcome customer all over the world to visit our fact... [Detailed introduction]
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