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    Natural handmade lanterns, candle holders, baskets, clay pots, festive decora...

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    Established in 1990s, our company has been booming in past 20 years. Located in Linshu county Linyi city, which is famous as "hometown of wicker" in China, we are surrounded with abundant natural materials and skilled craftsmen.

    With 20 years' exploration in this area, we learn the importance of innovation and always bear in mind the core concept to be quality-oriented, integrity, pragmatic and innovative. On the premise that quality is at top of the range, firstly we put forward the design of peeled willow baskets which outperformed all the unpeeled willow baskets that in the market and add some new color concept like brick red, bamboo green, coffee as well as the most popular color at present -- gray.

    At present, we specialize in various kinds of handmade arts and crafts, such as all kinds of lanterns, baskets, flower pots, festival products, glass products and other indoor and outdoor decorations. And ... [Detailed introduction]
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