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      LINYI YUCHAO INTERNATIonAL TRADE CO,.LTD.is a wood-based panel products company serving the industrial and building materials markets. The company specialize in commercial plywood,film faced plywood, melamine plywood,melamine MDF,melamine Particleboard, MDF and other wooden board as building materials and decorative materails. Our main market is Middle east, Africa, South America, Europe, North Ameria and Southeast Asia etc.

      Our main business scope covers all kinds of wood-based raw materials such as comercial plywood, film face plywood, marineplywood, fancy plywood, laminated plywood/MDF/Particleboard, plain MDF,Chipboard, blockboard, OSB, door size plywood, door skin ect….

      Our products are made from superior quality raw materials, and efficient methods for quality control under the supervisionof experts

      Sincerity is the tenet of the company, believing that we are your right partner of China keeping up with you anytime. Our service is a road, with the face that pioneer's ... [Detailed introduction]
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