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      Shandong Tianyu tools

      scraper,trowel,steel packing strip

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      SHANDONG TIANYU TOOLS CO.,LTD is one of the professional hardware supplier of scraper,trowel,steel packing strip,etc. Our company is qualified in developing new products,with advanced productive equipments,adopts strict quality management system and several product’s quality inspection systems. Our company mainly produces 10 series and about 500 kinds of products.During the long period of business,we established good business partnership with customers from more than 50 countries and regions of North America,Asia,Africa,Latin,etc.

      Our company got ISO9001 authentication in 2010,we adhere to the spirit “Credit First”.

      We believe that the products and service are the first principle.

      TIANYU,rooted on the market,based in China and aimed at the world.Director of board,

      Wang Qunying and all employees wholeheartedly welcome all friends and abroad visit and cooperate to create the magnificent future together. [Detailed introduction]
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