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      Linyi Tiptop Building Material Co., Ltd

      manufacturer of pvc ceiling and wall panel, T Grid

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      Tiptop Building Material Co., Ltd was established in 2013, is capable of  manufacturing, processing and trading. It is a company with professional ability and attitude and strives to provide high quality, low cost products including PVC ceiling and wall panel, T Grid, GRG and PVC Gypsum board. Our products are mainly exported to Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia and other 30 countries. We also according to customer requirements of different production technology and equipment level, to provide special specifications, so that specialized services proper products.
      We practice large scale production and professional production mode from the beginning, and take advanced modern company management concept as the management guide line, as well as take "people foremost" and "science innovation" as our operation concept. "Quality first, credit foremost, service focused and customer-led" is our constant aim. We make products with high technology, outstanding quality and attractive ... [Detailed introduction]
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