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      To expand more markets with our various quality products for some of our production unites, we set up LY Vohsin Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd as our main trading unite on 6 Sept. 2010 . We specialize in the following lines for more than 10 years. I. Building materials (paper faced gypsum board, pvc gypsum ceiling tile, colorized gypsum decoration tile, ceramic tile, stone slab,  pvc and aluminum foil ), II. Hardware (T-bar with other accessories, metal tile, decoration accessories),III. Gloves、plush toys、clothing, Iv. Daily necessities(mosquito coil,latex)、subsidiary agricultural products(dry garlic, chestnuts and other items under state permission). V. Light industrial machinery (under state permission).

      Because of our quality guarantee, competitive price, fast production and shipment in time , the above main items are met well in our domestic and abroad markets such as our main South and North markets, the middle east Asia 、South&... [Detailed introduction]
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