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      LINSHU WINCENT MACHINERY CO.,LTD. established in 2004.We have more than 200,000 square meters factory and more than 130 workers.

      Our mainly products are Snatch Blocks, Manila Blocks,Wooden Blocks,Stainless Blocks,Mini Blocks,Korean Blocks,Marine Blocks,Black Blocks,etc.More than 220 series. Our products mainly export to USA,European,Mid East and South Asia,more than 50 countries and areas.

      Looking forward to the future we are full of confidence and
      strength, we put our heart and soul into our company, we will devote ourselves
      to create pulleys and slings with higher property and higher quality.
      “customers’ satisfaction”、”we will do better” is our unremitting pursuit. Warmly welcome
      customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate business, and create a
      win-win situation together. [Detailed introduction]
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