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      Fully automatic clay brick making machine

      Dimension of host machine: 2?400*2100*2200mm
      Voltage: Adjustable
      Host machine power: 18.5KW
      Area: China Shandong
      Validity: forever
      Information of the company

      Main Feature of FL10-10 Automatic Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block Machine

      1. Function
      Automatic compressed soil earth interlocking brick block machine can produce various interlocking bricks by changing moulds.
      2. Large capacity
      Making 10 pieces bricks at one time, and shaping cycle only 8~10 seconds, so the daily capacity as high as 28800 pieces.
      3. Advanced technology
      Hydraulic pressure technology is adopted by this machine, the pressure can be as high as 60Mpa, so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength.
      4. High quality mould

      All mould use precise wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment to prolong its service life.The machine frame is made of special thick steel and using special welding techniques. The whole machine is strong and durable

      Main technical parameter
      Dimension of host machine 2400*2100*2200mm Voltage Adjustable
      Shaping cycle 8-10s Host machine  power 18.5KW
      Hydraulic system pressure 60Mpa Weight of the electric motor 165kg
      Piece/Mould 10 Pc/Mould Raw material Soil, clay, earth, etc

      Theoretical production capacity
      Size (L*W*Hmm) Pcs/Hour Pcs/Mould Pcs/Shift(8h)
      350*150*100mm 3600 10 28800
      350*150*100mm 3600 10 28800
      350*150*100mm 3600 10 28800
      350*150*100mm 3600 10 28800
      350*150*100mm 3600 10 28800
      350*150*100mm 3600 10 28800

      Machine details

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      Installation Abroad
      Company Panorama

      FULANG Machinery Group Co., Ltd . is a Chinese manufacturer of dedicated machinery for construction blocks and panels. Our company offers complete production lines for premium building components such as the autoclaved sand -lime brick,  autoclaved aerated concrete brick, and autoclaved aerated concern/autoclaved lightweight concrete panel. Additional, we provide various types of pressure vessels and block-making machines. By choosing FULANG, customers can enjoy professional benefits with our dedicated services for design, install, layout planning, technology transfer, and production guidance.


      With 19 years development, our products have been sold to more than 80 countries. Till now, about 1200 customers have visited our factory. Also we have engineers stay abroad to help you install the machines and training your workers at your side.


      Q:What kinds of the brick making machine can be choosed for customers?

      A:We have full-automatic, semi-automatic, manual mobile, egg layer, paver machine for your choice.

      Q:Will you support oversea service?

      A:Yes, our engineer can go to buyer's factory to install the machine and train the operator for buyer.

      Q:What's your guarantee or the warranty if we buy your machine?

      A:We offer you high quality machines with one year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.

      Q:Wher is your company located? How can I visit?

      A:We are located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, you can fly to Qingdao Airport, we can pick you up from the airport or your hotel.

      Q:How can I choose the correct products?

      A:Just contact us via Trademassager, E-mail, Skype, Whatsapp or telephone to tell us your target yield, budget, We will recommend the proper machines for you.

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