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      High-End Fashionable Good-Quality Elegant Durable Workwear

      Area: China Shandong
      Validity: forever
      Information of the company
      Style NO MFLXH20190401
      Sample Provide samples as buyer request within one week
      MOQ 2000 sets per order/ 500 sets per color/style
      Payment T/T ;L/C or west unio, Paypal
      Lead time 15-30 days after receiving advance payment
      Shipping Express (FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, UPS) , China post, by air,by sea
      Per buyer requests

      3D classic modern design with nice workmanship.
      Production starts upon getting confirmation from buyer for PP sample for all orders.
      Buyer can review and check quality any time during bulk production. 
      Reinforced double needle all over the workwear.                                                                           
      Use good-quality TC twill and accessories.                                                               
      Top front opening with DTM vislon zipper.                                                                                           
      Contrast color piping at upper front and back, one side of both chest pocket, inner side of side pockets, top of sleeve pocket.                                                                                                           
      Upper front with nice quality reflective tape.                                                                                      
      2 chest pockets with snap button flaps.
      2 side pockets.

      1 sleeve pocket with middle dividing stitch.                                                                                           
      Adjustable two snaps at each sleeve opening and bottom sideseam for easy extension adjustment.
      Elastic waist for extra comfort.
      Attractive nice piping effect within lining of pant with contrast color yarn dye plaid fabric.                

      Pant pocketing with contrast color yarn dye plaid fabric                                                        
      Can make adjustments for workmanship etc according to buyer requirements                      
      Measuerement/Size S M L XL XXL XXXL XXXXL
      top length 70 71 73 76 77 79 81
      1/2 chest 55 58 60 63 64 66 68
      sleeve length 57 58 61 62 64 65 67
      Bottom length 100 104 105 106 108 110 112
      1/2 seat  53 54 58 59 62 65 68
      High-End Fashio<em></em>nable Good-Quality Elegant Durable Workwear for Spring/Autumn
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