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      1300L pull type air-blast sprayer

      Brand: petros
      rotating speed: 500~600r/min
      Container volume: 1300L
      Working pressure: 0~3Mp
      Area: China Shandong
      Validity: forever
      Information of the company
      1300L pull type air-blast sprayer QY-7

      The detailed parameters are as follows:

      Medicine pump

      diaphragm pump, rated flow of 80L

      rotating speed


      Spray mode

      air spray spray

      number of sprinkler head

      10 /set imported anti-drip nozzle

      Spray quantity

      36 l/min, 1.230 ° nozzle, in 2 mpa working under pressure

      25 l/min, 1.5 60 °nozzle, in 2 mpa working under pressure


      three-level filtration

      water injection port

      pump inlet and nozzle mouth


      the trailer provides power, supporting power of 25 horsepower or more tractor

      Container volume


      Working pressure

      0~3Mpa (general under 2MPa pressure)

      Blade diameter

      700mm X 12 blades

      Walking speed

      determined by the front-end tractor


      30001150x1450 (long x width x height)

      Work efficiency

      the medicine can play 7 to 8 mu of land, 10 acres of medicine every hour

      Spray size

      the machine centered radius is 5 meters (no wind) fan plane

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