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    Four strokes backpack wind and water fire-extinguisher

    Brand: petros
    wind speed (m/s): 30
    Air Volume(m3): ≥0.44
    Maximum water discharge(L/min): ≥12
    Area: China Shandong
    Validity: forever
    Information of the company
    Model 6MFSH-12-4T
    overal size 52×48×63cm
    Rated Power and Rotate Speed 3.2KW/7000/min
    wind speed (m/s) 30
    Air Volume(m3) ≥0.44
    weight(KG) ≤26
    Effective fire distance(m) 1.5
    Maximum water discharge(L/min) ≥12
    Spray Angle range 0-900
    Effective water spray distance(m) ≥14
    Maximum spray height(m) ≥11
    Supercharging way Physical booster pump or mechanical booster pump
    Water tank volume 15L
    Model 151F
    Type Single cylinder air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine
    fuel consumption rate(g/kwh) ≤200
    Fuel tank capacity(L) 2
    fuel oil No. 92 and above Motor gasoline
    starting mode Recoil starter
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