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      "One belt, one road" comprehensive service forum completes three signing ceremonies

      Date:2020-09-09  Hits:6
      China's one belt, one road one belt, one road comprehensive service capacity building forum (2020) and the BNRMC global mediator Conference (hereinafter referred to as the General Assembly) completed the awarding ceremony and the three signing ceremony of the BNRMC international mediator conference in 2020, and the three round of signing ceremony was signed by the Beijing law and Commerce Service Center. We have signed a cooperation agreement with China Chamber of international cooperation in private economy on the mediation room of China Chamber of international cooperation in private economy, and signed a cooperation agreement on the docking of mediation and notarization with Beijing Chang'an notary office.

      One belt, one road and the other center of Beijing, the Organizing Committee of the China International Trade Fair for services and the center of legal affairs and business service of the financial unio of Beijing, was successfully held in the form of offline + online.

      One belt, one road, is the theme of the Convention. The conference focuses on the theme of China's international service trade comprehensive service capacity building and international commercial mediation. BNRMC experts, scholars and mediators from various countries also discuss the comprehensive service capacity building, dispute resolution mechanism and the Convention on international reconciliation agreement arising out of the United Nations (Singapore Convention).

      One belt, one road service mechanism has been one of the four one belt, one road, comprehensive service capacity building forum since 2016. It has become an influential forum of the trade and clothing association since 2016. The center has made great achievements in building platforms, expanding services, institutional construction, theoretical research, mediation practice, international promotion, social responsibility and evaluation.

      China's one belt, one road, and economic globalization, should be able to play a bigger role in the field of international commercial mediation, said Zhang Sujun, vice chairman of the thirteen NPC Standing Committee, vice chairman of the supervisory and judicial committee and vice president of the China Law Association. Therefore, the legislation of commercial mediation should be passed as soon as possible, and it should be put on the agenda as the legal basis for the ratification of Singapore mediation convention.

      One belt, one road, China Academy of engineering, Wang Liheng, pointed out that at present, space engineering will encounter many problems in law, policy and standard when constructing related topics. Through one belt, one road, legal and commercial service platforms can solve these needs well.

      At the following seminar, 21 leaders, experts, scholars and legal professionals from the Supreme People's court, the Ministry of Commerce, the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the Legal Advisory Committee of the Federation of overseas Chinese, the China Securities Investment Association, the China Futures Association, the world's top universities, the banking and financial industry, and the mediation offices of bnrmc all over the world, including Italy, Austria, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Malaysia Western Asia, Thailand and other countries and regions launched online at the same time, and conducted in-depth discussions on the comprehensive service capacity building of service trade, international commercial mediation, Singapore Convention and other topics.

      China one belt, one road, one belt, one road, one belt, one road, the new trend, feasibility and execution of the dispute resolution. The chairman of the international dispute settlement Institute of Tsinghua University, the former chairman of the WTO appeal body and the chairman of the expert committee of the international commercial mediation center, Zhang Yuejiao, vice president of the Chinese law society, Professor of Renmin University of China and Fan Yi, a specialist in the service mechanism of the whole area, Fan Yu, China China International Economic and trade one and one belt, one road service expert, Che Pizhao, vice president of the International Economic Law Research Association of China law society, Tsinghua University, and other experts, have made their respective views respectively.

      For one belt, one road, one belt, one road, the more efficient use of the dispute resolution mechanism, the influence of Singapore Convention on countries, and the specific implementation and implementation environment, the Antonio partner management office of Italy CBA law firm, the "International Road business center", the "one belt" International mediation center, is the mediator of the "one way" international business mediation center. Martini said online mediation is a form of multi-faceted dispute resolution, which aims to successfully resolve business disputes by using informal litigation procedures and instant online / video technology. As long as both sides are willing to cooperate and interact, mediation can work effectively; if there is cooperation, both sides have interests.

      According to reports, the forum was conducted online and offline at the same time. According to incomplete statistics, in addition to China's provinces, municipalities and regions, there were participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Russia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. Hundreds of people attended the forum online and offline Discussion.
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